Cracked Up To Be

One knat on the plane one did.

One was so utterly engaged in knitting on the plane that one forgot to photograph the auspicious moment.

So one is offering this backyard knit photograph in its place.

Imagine an upholstered knee hugging seat where you see brown Bermigui grass.

It IS all its cracked up to be - knitting on the plane - one almost didn't want the flight to end.


But it did and one was forced to see the sights of Canberra where the knatty plane landed.

It is inconceivable that this is one's first visit to Parliament House 1 and Parliament House 2.

One might have visited there in the 1976 QYO II Tour but one is more likely to have been holding forth in a pub somewhere in that year.

If you remember holding one's hand through the halls of democracy in '76, keep it to yourself will you.  One prefers to think one is in charge of one's own memories


boogirl said…
I can't believe you got to knit on the plane! Oh joy, oh joy. I wonder if this is now possible on international flights???? Must find out ASAP with a trip to Thailand on Friday :)
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Wow knitting on plane! I can vaguely remember doing that.
Elizabeth said…
Came to visit via guerilla knitter
What astounding tea cosies!

art indeed.
Greetings from New York
mem said…
I'm sure I could dredge you up a few memories... (evil laughter)
grrl + dog said…
So they let you knit on the plane??

Even though the full repeal wont go through till June?

I cant wait to get up in the air and go for it.
Jejune said…
Woo hoo! Knitting on a plane!

Sorry I missed seeing you ... maybe next time?!

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