A very Carmen Christmas

Meet Jennifer.  She and her husband Gary have known The Bloke for longer than three dogs' lifetimes.

I have not met either of them in person as they live in another city, but have been emailing them recently over The Bloke's fabulous fish book.

It turns out that Jennifer has been knitting tea cosies and on learning of such renegade behaviour, I insisted on seeing what she'd done.

Prized Rooster and Carmen Miranda are off to sit under others' Christmas trees before adorning kitchen benches to be admired and adored by loved ones.

As all tea cosies should.

I love this photo. It holds in it the 'little girl' in all of us, pleased as punch to make something with love and joy and cleverness, for someone else.


Chrisy said…
That is a fabulous pic...you're right it's the little girl looking very pleased with her work...precious! Yes the knitting needles can come out again for the long haul flights....
ps yikes just saw a news flash about knitting needles being used in voodoo ceremonies...
muy gracioso y original!
banuca said…
I really like your tea cosies, they are very exciting and joyful. I couldn't decide which one that I'll make :))
TorontoWalkie said…
Loani -- what a gorgeous flock of tea cozies you have! I've made the cover of your book my wallpaper for this week -- it's truly a beauty. I'm also a tea cozy obsessor but of a different sort -- I needed to make 'the one' that would actually keep my tea warm and I could look at day after day. Mine's very school-uniformy, but now I have your site here to admire 'the party girls'. Best from up here where it's bl**dy cold and wintry.
Michaelle in Toronto/Canada

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