Spreading like Fungus

'Tree fungus' (not to be confused with tremendous)

Or, Wood fungus, as in 'Would fungus be this beautiful?'

Or, Cloud Ear Fungus (the Chinese variety of wood fungus for cooking 
in soups)

Made with Noro Silk Garden Lite and Zara Merino extra fine...

...and joy.

No.... not in the book.

But an incarnation of and an improvement on "Super Cosy" (I think)


Katt said…
just gorgeous! i love the colours!

would be sort of teacosy i would use for sure. gotta love something a little different to get conversations going.
grrl + dog said…
looks like he is laughing..

ooh! master class!!

maybe I come and annoy you next year..
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Well I think It's tremendous :-P. I agree with grrl - a master class for sure. I could cope with some time on the Sunshine Coast just as the temps begin to cool here :-)
Ginga Squid said…
Fungus rocks - this is superb! Yummy colours indeed.
Jacqui said…
Christmas knitting? Did someone say something about Christmas knitting? :)
Jacqui said…
Better make another comment quick (I can hear the needle whirling through the air at missile speed heading for the mountains...)

Um, so...Is there a sort of secret compartment where you can hide your jewels in the bit that comes off? That'd be neat.

It's loverly!
bowerbirdz said…
That's so funny - I just love it!!
j'adore toujours, mais où allez-vous chercher de telles idées?!*Génial!
theemutsfeest said…
It's sooooooo great
louminous said…
How adorable! Love the colour combination, wish I could knit like that!

Gerry said…
Dreamy colors, great form.
Cozy ! ! !
It makes me smile : ^ )

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