Blow it up.  No.  Don't light a match to it.   Click on it.  MAKE IT BIGGER.

That's my beach. The one I go to when I want to challenge the charger, dance with death, feel alive - fiercely, ferociously alive.

I went today.

It's alright.  I swam between the flags.

There is something fabulous about stories where bunnies are beaten, kittens are smacked and squirrels are cuffed and scratched by other squirrels.

Something really fabulous.

This is what I got for Christmas.  A boxed limited edition of the complete tales of Beatrix Potter, with two beautiful prints of Peter Rabbit.

And a Nikkon Coolpix P6000, wot I took these fotos wif.  Neat.  Real neat.

Aw shucks.  Thanks Bloke.  Treasures to treasure forever.

Pontificating:  Over the last months, more than one of my Blog Friends have pontificated on the value of their continuing to blog.  It turns out that their normal sized lives had become BIG lives with much to take care of, worry about, attend to.  The place where they talk knitting and chooks and even books seemed to them, all of a sudden so small compared to the big things, that they doubted their blog's worth.

And they wondered if they were being wholly honest by omitting to tell the world the big stuff.  After all, even hinting at BIG stuff is giving away too much.  Instead they say goodbye, or just disappear for a while.

I prefer to think of circles.  Inner and outer circles.  There are perhaps only 2 people gracing the heart of my sphere and perhaps 3 or 4 who sit in the next radiating ring, if I am lucky.  But those that sit a little way out in the 'friendly acquaintance' circles are as important to my sense of myself as those that are close.  Differently important, but important none the less.

When life is BIG we hunker down, pay attention where our attention is needed, to the inner circles.

If I am the Jupiter or even the Saturn to your Sun, then I am happy with the thin frivolous rays you direct my way via your blog, often or infrequently at your whim.

And if this is all a little deep for you - I AM ALLOWED - it is the end of the year - when pontificating is rife, even for this contrary knitter.


Janette said…
Phew!... for a minute there I thought you were going to join some of the 'others' that have taken that road of silence for a while.

So pleased you have that fabulous beach at your finger tips, cause it really does make a difference in your life to be able to get away, sit on the sand, stare out at the never ending sea and think, releasing all that inner confusion.

See you in 2010 ... Happy New Year for the 1st!!!
Stafford Ray said…
Caught your blog for the first time this morning and looked in because I am interested in tea.
I am the only person I know who still makes real tea in a real tea pot with a real cosy!
However, my old cosy is as worn looking as I am and even more discoloured with age.
So thank you for the fun read and the smile the pictures of your cosies produced. Happy new cosy year!
Ms Bubblefish said…
You Grand High Splendiferous Pontificator you! You've made my day and I get to enjoy these wonderfully inspirational thoughts all day because here on the edge of the Pacific Ocean I'm awoken by kookaburras, ocean waves waving and blasts of sunlight, which I'm sure arrives here earlier tahn it does on the Central Tablelands.

I love it when you wax eloquently and meaningfully, and I'm going to commit bits of your Post to memory.
lynne h said…
god, your pontificating has me all choked up... i'm grateful for your presence loani. that's it...

and this beach is *gorgeous*. wouldn't i love to jump in that water right now...

Lyn said…
Ah, such good thoughts. I'm so glad you share those thoughts with us, no matter at what level. You're so right about the value of those different levels of frienship - they're all so much a part of us.

And that beach. My son lived in Noosa (and at a beach a few ks south that I can't remember the name of) for about five years, and I have lovely memories of some of those glorious beaches.

Happy New Year.
jimgottuso said…
hi grand purl baa, i was perusing my own blog experience and noticed going back to it's meager beginnings that you left a comment on my 3rd post ever. back then i didn't even realize that clicking on your name in the comment would bring me to your blog... that was way back in february and i've come to post almost daily. i think about whether the time involved is worth it sometimes but always seem to decide that it is in some way. anyway a belated hello and wishes to you for a happy new year. coincidentally, i happen to have been joking a bit about knitters of all things on the post today. just kidding around really but kind of a strange coincidence.
Ginga Squid said…
Nice beach!

Heres to you having a fabulous 2010!
Jejune said…
Your beach looks as gorgeous as the beaches near my mother-in-law's place (Merimbula), only more tropica - aren't they divine?

Nice pontificating, and I agree about the circles analogy. I have a similar mental model as well :)

Here's to a wonderful 2010 with MORE BOOKS!
amanda said…
Love this post Loani. I've been less than focused on my blog over the last few months. Could do with a visit to your beach myself! :)

And I love your words about the bunnies in BP!! I watched the film again the other day and loved it just as much. I live within half an hour of the setting but am still stunned at how beautiful the scenery is in the film.

Happy, happy new year!
Monika said…
Well said! For a minute I thought you'll close blog as well. Thank goodness you don't. I'm thinking of getting a new camera. I'm not happy with mine. Or I should read the thick booklet it came with?
How do you like your new one?
Annie said…
Love the beach...love the thoughts!
Gidgetknits said…
Did you get sand in your tea cosies? And Beatrix is one of the greatest writers ever - I love just saying 'Flopsy Bunnies'! And what she can do with a kitten and some pastry...
Purl Buttons said…
Happy New Year, Grand Purl Baa. I guess I am one of the "others". Without saying anything I have kind of slipped away. But not really! I still have time to lurk! My man and I are attempting the impossible: trying to fix up our house to sell in a bad market. I will be back on my blog soon. We are making an anniversary trip in June to celebrate a milestone and hope to relocate around then, as well. Certainly blog-worthy stuff. Until then, back to lurk mode. Thanks for giving me a place to surf when all else feels hopeless!
suey49 said…
I enjoyed your "pontificating" Loani! I am new to this 'world of blogging' and am still 'learning' as I embark on making my own blog. For someone who is a real computer dunce I find it much easier to tackle the hardest of tea cosy patterns (if there is one).
Love the Beatrix Potters and still have my chilhood ones from the 50's and 60's!
Happy New Year to you and yours!
jay anderson said…
You've just tugged at my envy strings seeing the photo of the beach - it just reminded me of Burleigh Waters and surrounds! I was there 2008 seeing me best mate! And I wish I was there right now!
Jacqui said…
I picked up that beautiful edition of Beatrix Potter before Christmas - the box it comes in is lovely, the prints are beautiful and I intend to buy it for my new little niece as a christening present (or maybe I'll buy it for myself...or buy two). Very lovely present indeed from your lovely bloke, who I admire even more now I know he has gone over to the furry side. I have tried and tried and to no avail. M. just isn't budging on the cat front and I sooo miss having one around.

As to your erudite pontification - I agree whole-heartedly on the value of my blog friends and enjoy the interaction very muchly. On the other hand, I am a hermit, and when things get big in my little life, I go to ground. I dig a hole and I hibernate til I feel human again. Your thoughts have pricked something - I'm poking my eyes up out of the hole as I type... thanks x

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