Jemima - The making of a Princess

Rose Rose Rose.   When a thing is finished, it is no longer a knitting project, it is a thing.  In this case a SHE.

Meet Princess Jemima

... and she does NOT go back into the brown paper bag.  Nothing less than a high backed chair will do for a Princess.  A high backed chair and a story.

Meet Princess Jemima who likes sipping G&Ts on the verandah in the afternoons while reading Anais Nin between luxurious naps in the shade.

I don't know!  Haven't I taught you anything at all?!

We are having a cotton Christmas, as we do Down Under.

Rose is responsible for Princess Jemima.  We won't divulge the number of weeks in the making (or months....or years).  Needless to say she is much loved now that she is here.

There was talk of her being a gift for a niece but somehow I think Rose might have trouble parting with her after all this time.  Or maybe not.

This second cotton top (in Jo Sharp kiwi green) suits Rose well don't you think.

Just as well she lives on the shores of the Indian Ocean though lest we be mistaken for identical twins.


Ginga Squid said…
Nice Ginga Jemima!
Hope you have a fab Chrimbo in your matching knitted tops!
V x
theemutsfeest said…
Beautiful Jemima, beautifull tops, beautifull weather!! Merry Chrismas to you from a cold an white (Yes it's snowing!)Holland...
tikje wit said… two are almost cuter than princess. Almost....
mem said…
I remember Rose!! Happy Christmas to you both.

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