Happy Christmas All

Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to yoo-oo
Happy Christmas to you

(sung to Happy Birthday song - naturally)

Some poor unsuspecting child will be in receipt of this tomorrow and her parents will make all the right noises no doubt....

....but me thinks one aught to stick to tea cosies somehow.

Have a drink for me.


Knit 'n' Stitch said…
What a fantastic bright, crazy wacky toy thingy - definitely destined to be a child's favourite cuddle/play toy.

And so it should because it's gifted with love

Merry Christmas to you and your family
suey49 said…
I think it's gorgeous and whoever is the recipient will love it! Happy Christmas to you Leoni!
Shell Sherree said…
I think it's a very cheery little one ~ and will be treasured!

Wishing you, The Bloke and Wes a gorgeous, safe and happy Christmas, Loani. See you next year!
lynne h said…
happy christmas to you and the bloke, loani!! xo

(and p.s., i do not think you're capable of making anything less than wonderful.)
la casita said…
wow what a happy place is this...great knitting in here!!
happy xmas to you!
grrl + dog said…
that's pretty scary, but will no doubt be loved. Wet and cold here - who'd have thought?
Hope your loved ones are gathered close, and special love to the boy...
Chrisy said…
Bet they loved their little green monster...
ps had a coupla drinks for you!
NowhereBob said…
Happy holidays GPB.
As a pointless aside, I believe our matriach Alchemy may well be a close blood relative to Wes.
She came from Sippy Downs Animal Refuge 8 or 9 years ago (all great people need a nugget of hardship in their youth) Now she lords it over our special needs Labrador with such imperial disdain that I reconsider my doubts of reincarnation. She may well be HRH Quen Vic returned to the earth.
In this heat Miss Alchemy is absolutely & certainly Not Amused.

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