We have a new camera!


Not the one from ebay.
That never turned up.
The one from the shop down the road.

Don't say it....
Don't say it....

Nah!  You said it!

"I told you so" indeed!

So anyway, the new camera bought from the shop down the road WORKS!
Aw Wes. Ya just GORRgeous!

P.S.  You don't think that I've been a bit OTT with the exclamation mark do you?!


Shell Sherree said…
Oh, now you KNEW I'd have to say something...

Wes, you're captivating!!
lynne h said…
oooohhhh, this cat is gorgeous... (i am a cat connoisseur, you know)

now i have ordered many things from ebay with never a bad experience (knock on wood). in fact the camera i'm using was purchased there. surely you will be able to get your money back... SURELY!

happy day, loani!
grrl + dog said…
you know if you ran a competition for best caption under that photo, it would be a riot!
Monika said…
Yeah, that sucks. We had that experience once, just with another product.
SJ2B said…
Oh WOWeee...that's a corker of a cat ! I want him ! I love cats with character and he sure has it ! Have I gone OTT with the !'s ?

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