Grown Up

I am so grown up.

I bought ART!

It is a dichotomy - buying art.   

To me it might seem a frivolous spend, to the artist - a serious sale.

I buy all kinds of junk and think nothing of it.  I buy ART and the 'importance' gauge soars.

I don't NEED it but it enriches my life so.

I have been following
Lynne Hoppe's blog for a while now, dropping in for my weekly dose of joyful, textural colour.

I think it was the bird that was the clincher, the tipping point, the gentle shove into adulthood.  This was one I had to have.

I purchased it for a very reasonable price and on Friday it arrived all the way from America.

America is sooo far away.  I know. I know.  Everything is far away from Australia.  Except Tasmania.  What?  Tasmania IS Australia.  New Zealand then.

Thank you for the 'thank you' Lynne.  I think it deserves a frame too.

I am in love with it all.

And this?

This is for all the Northern Hemisphere Autumn tree show offs.

This is how we know Christmas is coming down under.

(signed:  Just Jealous)

click on to embiggen


Shell Sherree said…
I haven't seen Lynne's work before ~ it's really gorgeous ~ thanks for "introducing" me to her, Loani! {And her prices are way too low, in my humble opinion, so I think you've also made a wise fiscal purchase as well as feeding your soul.}
lynne h said…
i am smiling... ever so happy that you like the meeting of the big and the little. : )

this tree! good heavens! does it smell as wonderful as it looks?!

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