Extremely Chuffed

All that tea cosy designing, measuring, knitting, unravelling, measuring and knitting again....

....has paid off!

Zees little number is designed by moi, me, myself, ich.

Mind you one can't and shouldn't take ALL the credit.  One ought to refer to the Designer Knitting (known to American knitters as Vogue Knitting) magazine and an article by Jared Flood.

I looked at that funny little drawing of 3 cylinders and thought "I can do that!"

One only had to pull out once.  But then one was on a role.  A ROLE.

Or is that a ROLL?

Made with Sublime DK cotton and 2 x 4mm circular needles.

This isn't the yarn's original colour.  It was a sort of skin pink.  Don't know what I was thinking when I chose THAT colour but it wasn't anything a little bit of aubergine dye couldn't fix.

Waiting now for my Jo Sharp DK cotton Kiwi colour from Threads and More to start on number two.  Might change the sleeve band next time.  Make it less fussy.

Still no Nikon camera in the post.  Think this might be the first dud eBay purchase in about 4 years.  Hope not.  Otherwise $1,200 down the drain and still no camera.


Extremely chuffed with knitted summer cotton top.


Ginga Squid said…
Wow - most cool and a fab colour. Your knitting is just so neat & tidy & damn perfect!
Luvvie said…
Heavens to betsy - you are prodigious in your output - is that the right word? prodigious - well impressive at any rate....
mem said…
Don said…
Beautiful acurate knitting. (of course!)
boogirl said…
I just want to say...when do you sleep? Of course, I'm also thinking that you are too clever for words. But I don't want tell you that, lest it should go to your head :)
little hat said…
You look very Swedish in that top photo. Is that a goatee or are you holding a camera?
Love your work. Noice.
lynne h said…
oh, i love this top pic! i think self picture taking requires great focus, don't you? i have not been brave enough to post a picture of myself taken by myself, yet... i look so very serious in all of them. which is probably the way i really DO look (except in my mind).

this top is, as mem's said, stunning! i love everything about it...

Gotta Knit! said…
Good job! The sweater looks wonderful on you.

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