Today it is ...

signed off on
wrapped up
sewn up
polished off

No not the jumper..
the little squares thingy, which has only just begun


You know!  
The BOOK? 

Wild Tea Cosies?

Now that everybody and his dog has had their last two bob's worth - it is off to the pre-print colour match kings and then off to print in China.

These lovely women and men of the Noosa Arts and Crafts Association and their guests from all over the Sunshine Coast, invited moi to do the two things I love best (after knitting tea cosies that is) - talk about my tea cosies and show off my tea cosies.

So yesterday they got a sneak preview of the real things.  My little beauties.  My babies.  Waiting much more patiently than I possibly can, to have their moment in the sun.

The ladies and gentlemen were extremely generous with their ooohs and ahhs.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Me and my cosies felt very special.

See the beautiful room with the hanging quilts and the wood panel walls and the sun and the trees outside.  Noice.


Luvvie said…
And look at all those people beaming at YOU you lovely thing you - you and your wild cosies bring sunshine into every day...that Jo Sharp wool is ever so nice (envy envy envy)
Ginga Squid said…

I still haven't finished anything from your Wild book - and now you are rushing me with another thats going to be filled full of even more amazing tempting creations & yummy photos?! Yikes.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Aw shucks Luvvie. Ta

You are safe Ms Ginga Squid - till 1st April 2010.
lynne h said…
so what is the title of the new book, loani? (or is it a secret?) i was just at amazon looking at 'wild tea cosies' - was surprised that one of the reviewers thought the cosies too 'over the top' for her taste - i wonder what she thought 'wild tea cosies' were going to be if not a tad over the top?

i think the windows in this building are very noice...


(your painting took off on tues. as scheduled)
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hey Lynne

It really is called “REALLY Wild Tea Cosies” Really.

Funny about that review. Oh well. One can’t please all of the people all of the time. And if she didn’t like book one....she can always turn the TV off for book two!

Nothing in the post yesterday. But America is soooo far away. And your Tuesday is our Wednesday. And then there is customs etc etc etc. And she and the bird are probably having a little shop in Hong Kong on the way here. Is Hong Kong on the way here?
grrl + dog said…
Such a process, this book...saw your carment miranda in a british knittinfg mag theother day.

That carmen gets around.
Carolyn said…
Hi, I've just discovered your blog and it's great fun! I bought the book and knitted approx 12 cosies, mostly Roly Poly which I really love, and given most away to "deserving" friends (knitters will know what that means). Looking forward to seeing the next book...
bowerbirdz said…
Can hardly wait to see the even wilder cosies in the upcoming book!
Ms Bubblefish said…
Frenetic activity Loani - you, the man, the cat, the book, the craft group. I can only snuggle back in my new old person's rocker and say "onya dearie"!

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