A Clever Bloke

It is The Bloke's turn in the sun, just for a moment mind.

Today, tonight, his book is launched.

Yep.  We hoist it up, smash a bottle of champagne against it, and LAUNCH it off into the open ocean.

Well it is called

Some joys never change.

There will be FOUR book events over the next month in Brisbane tonight at Mary Ryan's, Park Road and then at the game fishing clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

It is pardy pardy pardy til Christmas.


...of course he couldn't have done it without a little help...

.... from that other fish lover in the house - Wes The Cat.


boogirl said…
Oh Julian... you were even cute as a button when you were a wee laddie. Awwww.

And of course, congratulations (already skyped :)) on your new book.
Shell Sherree said…
Hooray ~ congrats to The Bloke! And to Wes, of course ~ just for being Wes.
Banaghaisge said…
I had a look at The Clever Bloke - what a wonderful book! Wish I was a fisherman. (Wish I was rich...).
Well done that boy.
Thank you for sharing it, too.
Jacqui said…
well if it is anywhere near as good as Fish Tales then it's bound to be damn good indeed. Congratulations Julian from us all (chooks and Mick). Marjie says her favourite fish are sardines, but that's probably because she gets too much of my breakfast. Enjoy the book launches - I hope there is lots of champagne and canapes and star-struck marine enthusiasts to ask you lots of terribly intelligent questions that you answer with wit and aplomb. That's how I'm thinking it should go anyway. And a nice pen to sign the books - preferably ink. OK if none of that happens I'm your agent - call me.
Monika said…
Congratulations to the Bloke! :o)
grrl + dog said…
I see wes was editing, congrats on the new baby in the house,

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