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Super Cosy

.... is it bird?

... is it a plane?


It's Super Cosy!

A strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal cosies.

Yep.  The cup IS the lantern IS the tea cosy!

Off to the Powerhouse Museum Sydney as part of a little mini exhibition during the months of March April May 2010.

In time to accompany the release of REALLY Wild Tea Cosies.

What you see here is NOT in the book.  Nah.  It is in my head.  And on this tea pot.

Super Cosy.

Able to leap tall tables in a single pour.

Fights a never ending battle for colour, style and hot tea.

Mediterranean Summer

Not for a book.

Not for a shop window.

Not for a gift.

Just because.

Gees that feels good.

Introducing Mediterranean Summer.

Meeting Kelly Doust

Kelly Doust, author of The Crafty Minx, comes to the Sunshine Coast!

And here we are together at Buderim Books where instead of talking as most authors do at book events, she made us all make something. 

No I didn't make the button neck art but I did make the lime green summer scarf.

If you were ever to find yourself short of an idea, then Crafty Minx is the book for you. Or the book itself will make a great gift or three.

It abounds with crafty clever ideas for hand made gifts.  It is just beautiful to hold and to look at.  Congratulations Kelly.

It was lovely to meet you.

Grown Up

I am so grown up.

I bought ART!

It is a dichotomy - buying art.   

To me it might seem a frivolous spend, to the artist - a serious sale.

I buy all kinds of junk and think nothing of it.  I buy ART and the 'importance' gauge soars.

I don't NEED it but it enriches my life so.

I have been following
Lynne Hoppe's blog for a while now, dropping in for my weekly dose of joyful, textural colour.

I think it was the bird that was the clincher, the tipping point, the gentle shove into adulthood.  This was one I had to have.

I purchased it for a very reasonable price and on Friday it arrived all the way from America.

America is sooo far away.  I know. I know.  Everything is far away from Australia.  Except Tasmania.  What?  Tasmania IS Australia.  New Zealand then.

Thank you for the 'thank you' Lynne.  I think it deserves a frame too.

I am in love with it all.

And this?

This is for all the Northern Hemisphere Autumn tree show offs.

This is how we know Christmas is coming…


Enough with the fishing already!

knit knit knit....

the little things....

A Clever Bloke

It is The Bloke's turn in the sun, just for a moment mind.

Today, tonight, his book is launched.

Yep.  We hoist it up, smash a bottle of champagne against it, and LAUNCH it off into the open ocean.

Well it is called

Some joys never change.

There will be FOUR book events over the next month in Brisbane tonight at Mary Ryan's, Park Road and then at the game fishing clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast.

It is pardy pardy pardy til Christmas.


...of course he couldn't have done it without a little help...

.... from that other fish lover in the house - Wes The Cat.


Today it is ...

signed off on
wrapped up
sewn up
polished off

No not the jumper..
the little squares thingy, which has only just begun


You know!  
The BOOK? 

Wild Tea Cosies?

Now that everybody and his dog has had their last two bob's worth - it is off to the pre-print colour match kings and then off to print in China.

These lovely women and men of the Noosa Arts and Crafts Association and their guests from all over the Sunshine Coast, invited moi to do the two things I love best (after knitting tea cosies that is) - talk about my tea cosies and show off my tea cosies.

So yesterday they got a sneak preview of the real things.  My little beauties.  My babies.  Waiting much more patiently than I possibly can, to have their moment in the sun.

The ladies and gentlemen were extremely generous with their ooohs and ahhs.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

Me and my cosies felt very special.

See the beautiful room with…


We have a new camera!


Not the one from ebay.
That never turned up.
The one from the shop down the road.

Don't say it....
Don't say it....

Nah!  You said it!

"I told you so" indeed!

So anyway, the new camera bought from the shop down the road WORKS!
Aw Wes. Ya just GORRgeous!

P.S.  You don't think that I've been a bit OTT with the exclamation mark do you?!

Nothing to do with anything

I read YH most days. She's funny.

Today she does a big old rant about only wearing a bra when one wants the people one is pointing one's bosoms at to take one seriously...

...and  how breasts head down under as a result of kids and with that old dragon - age.

Now I doubt that she reads me but if she did, she'd learn..

... You can take 10 years off your melons just by holding your arms high above your head.


Knit Knit Knit

Knit Knit Knit Knit
Sung to Micky Mouse song.  Well (said in low growly voice)  One LIKES the Micky Mouse song!

errr  should one be worried now?

One did a tally this morning, a stock take, a count, an assessment..

... and one found FIVE projects started in the last ... err ... five days.

This Jo Sharp DK cotton, Kiwi colour, arrived in the post yesterday.

It was important to taste it, see that it wasn't poisonous, you know for the good of the ... for the good of the ... for Wes?

The 4mm Knitpicks were hanging about doing nothing much after the Sublime (dyed aubergine) came off the needles and were screaming out for more.

One obliged, that's all.

One USUALLY has socks of some sort on the go.

Nothing more to say about that.

The crochet bag is having a revamp, perhaps with a onion peel dye and the paisley lining.

Oh yeah.  That's crochet and dying and sewing.  That doesn't count.  FOUR projects.

The felted knit is a secret so one cannot tell you anything about it.  Importan…

Extremely Chuffed

All that tea cosy designing, measuring, knitting, unravelling, measuring and knitting again....

....has paid off!

Zees little number is designed by moi, me, myself, ich.

Mind you one can't and shouldn't take ALL the credit.  One ought to refer to the Designer Knitting (known to American knitters as Vogue Knitting) magazine and an article by Jared Flood.

I looked at that funny little drawing of 3 cylinders and thought "I can do that!"

One only had to pull out once.  But then one was on a role.  A ROLE.

Or is that a ROLL?

Made with Sublime DK cotton and 2 x 4mm circular needles.

This isn't the yarn's original colour.  It was a sort of skin pink.  Don't know what I was thinking when I chose THAT colour but it wasn't anything a little bit of aubergine dye couldn't fix.

Waiting now for my Jo Sharp DK cotton Kiwi colour from Threads and More to start on number two.  Might change the sleeve band next time.  Make it less fussy.

Still no Nikon camera in th…