How Tea Cosies Changed the World

One knew this already but ...

Mobile phones suck as cameras.  Yes they do.  Especially after one is used to using a you-beaut-fabbo-proper-posh Nikon camera wot makes one look like a professional.

But what is one to do when one's you-beaut-fabo-proper-posh Nikon camera buggers up?!

First one has to learn how focus the damn mobile phone, then how to turn the flash off and on and then - and the most important part - how to get the photo off the phone and onto the computer.

Enter Bluetooth.  Yes.  One now has excellent skills in Bluetoothing from phone to computer.  One feels VERY clever.

I know Wessy.  I know!

Let's just knit some Sublime and be done with it.

Now stop reading this blog and let me prepare my overdue presentation for Pecha Kucha next Tuesday night at Villa Noosa, title...

"How Tea Cosies Changed the World"


lynne h said…
wow, what a cool concept that pecha kucha is! will you really be able to tell everyone how tea cosies changed the world in 6 minutes and 40 seconds? i think this will outstrip your mastery of blue tooth technology!! (and will the Lucky Man be doing a 6 minute 40 second presentation on magnificent fish?)
Jacqui said…
well we know you love a challenge, and I love the topic, so you ABSOLUTELY MUST post the slideshow for us here and the audio (can your you-beaut phone record?) or notes or something. Of course, I think that chickens probably changed the world but I'm happy to concede to tea cosies.

Can I borrow Wessy? I need him to remind me that I am really just one big cushion for his benefit and not a non-stop-working no-fun-here absent friend/daughter/sister/aunty etc etc BLAH!!
You are irrepressible. You tried and tried and got that photo up for us.
Well, discovering your blog as been the highlight of my day, and it was a good day.
I'm now trying to think of how tea cozies and balcony gardens logically link together, so I can introduce you on my blog. Any balcony cozy pics?

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