Not in a Pink Spin

Imagine my GLEE when I realised I wouldn't have enough green to finish the WHOLE job.

I would have to use COLOUR.

And the Lucky Man (aka The Bloke), for all his SNAGiness, wouldn't be seen dead in these.

IMAGINE my disappointment!

I know!  Looooong aren't they?

Lucky LADY it is then.

LUCKY they FIT me so well don't you think?

AND .... I've been spinning and dying.

Got tricky with one slubbed strand and one fine even strand of Alpaca.

Now what to make with it....?

OK.  Just one more....

Sung to the tune of Holy Holy Holy (naturally)

Holy Holy Holy. Lord Sock Almighty
Early in the morning our feet shall rise to thee.
Holy Holy Holy. Myrthiful and flighty.
Sock in two pair-sons, blessed duality.


lynne h said…
holy, holy, holy indeed!! these are eye tickling delightful, loani!

thank you for a good laugh... : )


(so sad when we run out of something and have to resort to COLOR)
Ginga Squid said…
Ooooh they are yummy! I love the way the raised pink stitch (whatever one calls it) looks like an anklet.
Nice pink spinning too!
mem said…
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! (And funny)
Jejune said…
Lovely lovely socks! What a terrible pity that you have to wear them ;)
Luvvie said…
Please leave me your socks in your will :)
boogirl said…
Loani, or is that Pippy Long, Long, Long stockings...

How totally, awe inspiringly, delicious!

Shell Sherree said…
Hee hee, oh yes ~ LUCKY they fit you so well, Loani! Mighty fetching.
theemutsfeest said…
Oh, so beautiful....the socks and the pink wool...Sometimes it so nice to have too little of something....
Monika said…
I adore your stockings!!! How fun they look, what a great idea!
grrl + dog said…
just my colorway...

you aren't hosting a give away by any chance??

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