Letter from a Road Trip - No. 2 - Cosies Galore

The next big adventure was to judge the CWA Crazy Cozy Competition in Exeter.

Ah the life of a Queen!

No not Exeter,  England.  Exeter in New South Wales.

This gorgeous felted fellow, Pot-a-roo by Melinda Binkens of Kiama Downs, won first prize in the Novelty/Fantasy section.

In a room of 400 cosies! Pot-a-roo beamed at me, shouting "Pick me.  Pick ME!" And well it is pretty damn clever don't you think?  And funny.

Lucky the other cosy judge, Jane Cush, Golbourn Regional Gallery director, chose it too. Lucky for her!

It is hard to tell but this is a 10 cup teapot tea cosy titled "CWA Catering Cozy" and it won the Traditional section.

Entered by the CWA Berry Branch.  Congratulations girls!

It is just so luscious and pretty and practical and... deserving.

Exeter in October is ALSO  freezing!

And here is moi in my (eccentric) knitted flapper hat and Melbourne coat to prove it.

Why is it a 'Melbourne' coat I hear you ask.

Because it is BLACK and LONG (ask any Melbournite) and oh aw-rite, I bought it in Melbourne.

So anyway... here are some more very beautiful, clever, funny tea cosies made by the women of the Southern Highlands and by women from much further afield too.

And even more cosies AND a very beautiful, clever, funny traveling companion (top left).

Click on photos to embiggen.

There were pipers and polies (rooting around in her handbag there) and pink ladies, representing those who have lived with cancer.....

....which is after all the purpose of the entire event....

....to raise money for nursing care for women suffering breast cancer in regional Australia.

The women of the CWA (Country Women's Association) raised more than $15,000

How FABULOUS is that!

Ah but like the notice says...


And it did.

Pop on over HERE for even more tea cosy photos.


Luvvie said…
$15k - that's fantastic!!! Must be all the scones I ate out the back when you weren't looking!!!!
Ginga Squid said…
I can't imagine a whole room full of tea cosies! So funny!
And you thought it was hard in Maleny!!Must have been a huge job.
they all look fantastic.
grrl + dog said…

who's the funky chick in teh top hat?

The cosies all look great - and of course felt is the best ever at the moment..

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