Letter from a Road Trip - No. 1 - A knitting workshop

Things I learned on The Road Trip.  
(Yes I know.  Ms Yarn Harlot tells us what she learned all the time but damn it - I can do it too.)

I learned...

1.  that Bowral in October is FREEZING!

2.  that Wool Addiction is a vewy noice place to visit.  Well actchewally I knew that already!  I'm just saying it again.

3.  that girls just wanna have fun.  Even bikie chick girls.  (Yep.  Lizzy on the left is a Bikie Chick Knitting Girl.)

4.  that some Bikie-Chick-Knitting-Girls think knitting is so important they take two days holiday leave from work and travel all the way from Sydney to Bowral to play knitting.

5.  that inviting my girlfriend Alex  (top right) of 28 years to accompany me on The Road Trip was one of the best ideas I've had in a long time.

6.  that not only do Bikie-Chick-Knitting-Girls come a long way to play knitting but so do Bikie-Chick-Truck-Driving-Drag-Racing-Support-Team-Engine-Changers by the name of Donna (top left - aka Dorothy depending on who you ask) 

7.  that other girlfriends, Donna and Mary (top right) have best ideas all the time,  running away from Canberra to patchwork gigs and other fun stuff together often.

8.  that continental knitters, Anne (bottom left and also from Canberra) prove to be excellent teachers of teachers (moi) and do indeed knit faster than everyone else.

9.  that Debbie does tea cosies and not Dallas and that facials at the end of a day's knitting have soporific effects preventing knitting homework to be completed - not that one could tell looking at the cosy.


10.  that using the posh digital camera indoors without a flash to pick up the best colour doesn't always make for the clearest picture.  My sincerest apologies Judith (left).  Love your rose.

11.  That wool shop proprietors (that's Jill on the right)  like to show off their workshop handywork too.

12.  that beautiful young women just out of school can be so clever as to get themselves their first job in a wool shop.  How come I didn't think of that?

13.  that meeting Hilary (on the right) was just one of the many joys that spending two days in the front room at Wool Addiction provided.

Thank you everyone.  What an excellent adventure.


Luvvie said…
I loved being Louise and I'm glad we changed the ending and didn't drive off a cliff!!!
lynne h said…
when i saw the pic of you over on my sidebar i thought 'oh! loani's back!'. yeah, i really did!

i love this picture of you... and this whole entire post, which put one long smile on my face...

looks like you had a wonderfull time, and the tea cosy knitters as wel, they all have a happy face and are very proud of their work!!
planettreasures said…
Bowral is always cold - except for 2 weeks of the year, when it is hot!
Glad to hear everyone had a great time in any case.
Ginga Squid said…
Looks a fun woolly trip!
grrl + dog said…
That shop is divine... How did you cram so many into that cosy parlour?

Hope you got tipped in wool..
SkyBluePunk said…
So sad my sick baby kept me from joining in and sharing my bikie-chick stories!
Jill said…
Well, addicted knitters as you can tell we all had such fun at Loani's workshop and will be looking forward to doing it all again soon(if possible Loani, pretty please!!!!!) but I must confess that if it wasn't for Shiela sending a very cheeky email many months ago to Loani we would never have experienced the Loani code (get it... Da Vinci code)

Oh! Did I mention that Sheila also rides a bike same as me, I ride like a snail and Sheila rides like the wind!!! and Hilary rides a pushie.

Happy knitting purly girls.
Grand Purl Baa said…
Gawd! Look at that! Think we might have to run a Bikie Chick Knitting Workshop.

Criteria: Must....
Ride a motor bike.
Have once ridden a motor bike.
Have ridden a motor bike once.
Dreamt of riding a motor bike.
Know someone who rides a motor bike.

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