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Not in a Pink Spin

Imagine my GLEE when I realised I wouldn't have enough green to finish the WHOLE job.

I would have to use COLOUR.

And the Lucky Man (aka The Bloke), for all his SNAGiness, wouldn't be seen dead in these.

IMAGINE my disappointment!

I know!  Looooong aren't they?

Lucky LADY it is then.

LUCKY they FIT me so well don't you think?

AND .... I've been spinning and dying.

Got tricky with one slubbed strand and one fine even strand of Alpaca.

Now what to make with it....?

OK.  Just one more....

Sung to the tune of Holy Holy Holy (naturally)

Holy Holy Holy. Lord Sock Almighty
Early in the morning our feet shall rise to thee.
Holy Holy Holy. Myrthiful and flighty.
Sock in two pair-sons, blessed duality.

Doubting Masculinity


It has to be a Y chromosome thing.

Any man that doesn't do this when he sees a tea cosy, or doesn't at the very least suffer a raging internal battle with himself...

Weeellll (said in low growly voice)! He isn't a man really.

How Tea Cosies Changed the World

One knew this already but ...

Mobile phones suck as cameras.  Yes they do.  Especially after one is used to using a you-beaut-fabbo-proper-posh Nikon camera wot makes one look like a professional.

But what is one to do when one's you-beaut-fabo-proper-posh Nikon camera buggers up?!

First one has to learn how focus the damn mobile phone, then how to turn the flash off and on and then - and the most important part - how to get the photo off the phone and onto the computer.

Enter Bluetooth.  Yes.  One now has excellent skills in Bluetoothing from phone to computer.  One feels VERY clever.

I know Wessy.  I know!

Let's just knit some Sublime and be done with it.

Now stop reading this blog and let me prepare my overdue presentation for Pecha Kucha next Tuesday night at Villa Noosa, title...

"How Tea Cosies Changed the World"

Letter from a Road Trip - No. 2 - Cosies Galore

The next big adventure was to judge the CWA Crazy Cozy Competition in Exeter.

Ah the life of a Queen!

No not Exeter,  England.  Exeter in New South Wales.

This gorgeous felted fellow, Pot-a-roo by Melinda Binkens of Kiama Downs, won first prize in the Novelty/Fantasy section.

In a room of 400 cosies! Pot-a-roo beamed at me, shouting "Pick me.  Pick ME!" And well it is pretty damn clever don't you think?  And funny.

Lucky the other cosy judge, Jane Cush, Golbourn Regional Gallery director, chose it too. Lucky for her!

It is hard to tell but this is a 10 cup teapot tea cosy titled "CWA Catering Cozy" and it won the Traditional section.

Entered by the CWA Berry Branch.  Congratulations girls!

It is just so luscious and pretty and practical and... deserving.

Exeter in October is ALSO  freezing!

And here is moi in my (eccentric) knitted flapper hat and Melbourne coat to prove it.

Why is it a 'Melbourne' coat I hear you ask.

Because it is BLACK and LONG (ask a…

Letter from a Road Trip - No. 1 - A knitting workshop

Things I learned on The Road Trip.  
(Yes I know.  Ms Yarn Harlot tells us what she learned all the time but damn it - I can do it too.)

I learned...

1.  that Bowral in October is FREEZING!

2.  that Wool Addiction is a vewy noice place to visit.  Well actchewally I knew that already!  I'm just saying it again.

3.  that girls just wanna have fun.  Even bikie chick girls.  (Yep.  Lizzy on the left is a Bikie Chick Knitting Girl.)

4.  that some Bikie-Chick-Knitting-Girls think knitting is so important they take two days holiday leave from work and travel all the way from Sydney to Bowral to play knitting.

5.  that inviting my girlfriend Alex  (topright) of 28 years to accompany me on The Road Trip was one of the best ideas I've had in a long time.

6.  that not only do Bikie-Chick-Knitting-Girls come a long way to play knitting but so do Bikie-Chick-Truck-Driving-Drag-Racing-Support-Team-Engine-Changers by the name of Donna (top left - aka Dorothy depending on who you ask) 

7.  that ot…

Lucky Man Sock

Yesterday I launched into the Lucky Man Sock.

It does look very lucky and very manly and ...well.. very socky.

And today the Lucky Sock Man launched his new blog.

Now I know that most visitors to this blog will be about as interested in a Lucky Fish Man's blog as in a poke in the eye but you might know a bloke or two who MIGHT be interested in

Julian Pepperell (aka The Bloke) and his new book Fishes of the Open Ocean.

I am.  Interested that is.  Very.