Who Am I to Judge?

Maleny Arts and Crafts Group
Tea Pot Show 2009
Tea Cosy Competition

1st Prize - GerTea - by Christine

Judges ALWAYS say how hard it is to pick a winner, one that is obviously above the best.

But it WAS.

Who am I to judge anyway.  I CALL myself the Queen of the Tea Cosies but...

Yes yes.  There are all the criteria to follow.  Execution.  Colour.  Design.   Artistic merit.  Wit.

But these are subjective things.

I mean really!

How is one to choose between the chook and the fat lady?

It has to be a matter of personal preference, surely.

And as I have a penchant for chooks... I went for the chook.

Glow Belle Warming - the name alone deserved special attention.

As luck would have it - these two cosies were both made by Christine, so it was a win win.

Christine told me she has a 'charmed life'.  She spends every waking moment creating beautiful things; sewing (mostly dolls), knitting, crochet, beading. 

Ah!  The power of self expression.  The joy in making stuff.  Colourful, artful, funny STUFF.

Christine received $150 for her efforts.

And then there was this.
Don't be fooled.
Mary's Something Citrus SEEMS small and unassuming but it has hidden attributes.

For instance...
It is reversible knitted with a chenille type yarn 'other' side, also appliqued with knitted fruit.

I think (I can't be sure) that the top removable flap is so that one can refill the pot with hot water without removing the cosy.

AND it is thickly padded.
Now THAT is dedication to HOT tea.

For these things,  Mary received  a Highly Commended - a signed copy of Wild Tea Cosies.  (I know.  I know.  I can't help myself!)

And this

Mieke's .... hmmm .... I'm sorry Mieke.  I don't have the name.

Now those of you who know Wild Tea Cosies will also know that the basis for this cosy design is Eddie Emu.

But Mieke has taken it to a whole new level.  I love the whimsy.

Mieke is a very clever ceramic artist and won second place in the Functional Teapot category.

You can find her work here HERE

What I want to know is...

Why is Maleny filled with midgets!

(photo - moi on left.  Mieke on right)


Ginga Squid said…
Oooh they are all cool - but I do love the chook!
lynne h said…
lol, loani! you were tall thirty years ago and you still are! ; ) xo
little hat said…
That's no fat lady Loani that's the girl of my dreams (don't tell andrea). She's politically aware, loves a spot of tea (from a tea pot), wears a most fetching swim suit and is into water in a big BIG way. and those delicate skin tones.
Can I buy her for andrea? Can i buy her for my 'swimming stories and paraphanelia' collection? Does she have a price? What would be a figure (no pun intended)that would not be insulting?
Luvvie said…
So very beautiful - and I love the witty names too - what a pleasure to judge these creations!!
Jacqui said…
Go the chookie!! Love him in all his colourful rooster glory - excellent choice (I also loved the runner up and it sounds like she's going to go to a loving home). What a joyful activity/activities all round.
what... midgets, and I'm even wearing heels! You must be just very tall. I feel really small now.
grrl + dog said…

the dentata cosy would have blended right in..

Grand Purl Baa said…
I am a 5'2", 50 kg, petite blond with perky bosoms and a skinny little waist - inside!

Its inside that counts isn't it.
Ms Bubblefish said…
Better you than me Gunga Din-pot. How hard was that to do????!!! Great choices in the end. Such a vibrant post it fairly hums out of the screen.

You look like you are having way too much fun!!!
Alison Friday said…
Very colourful;-)

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