Thirty Years Friends

Gees that was a big adventure.

The 1980 Queensland Youth Orchestra International Tour.  Six weeks playing music and playing with friends.

That is Rosie (violinist) on the left, Sue Ellen (cellist) in the middle and moi (viola) on the right.

Gees that was a big adventure.

The 1985 birth of a baby boy.

That is Rosie on the left and moi on the right, loving Benjamin Bunny, just 4 hours old.

Yep.  We did it at home.  His dad holding me up.  Rosie holding my hand.  Judy the midwife... well doing what midwives do.
Gees this IS a big adventure.

Being a mother.  Being a friend.

That's Benjamin Bunny all grown up on the left and Rosie looking gorgeous as ever on the right.

Gees that was a big adventure.

The marking of a Big O Birthday.

That is Rosie there in her flapper hat.  Looking oh so elegant, if not a teeny bit eccentric.

So so glad to be in Perth to celebrate your 50th with you Rose - you bestest of best best friends.

Here's cheers to many more big adventures.


Ms Bubblefish said…
I read this with tears dripping on the keyboard.
What luv-er-ly friendships you make!! And strong looking people-making too!
lynne h said…
loani, tell rose i said she's more beautiful than ever... xo
Beautiful photos L. Just beautiful.
Jen Booth said…
Like gorgeous mother, like gorgeous hunk of a son....
Monika said…
How awesome is that?!!! Looks like we had our boys the same year! What a good year 1985 was! ;o)
Luvvie said…

Thought you might be interested in an article in The Guardian this week about the World Orchestra for Peace - featuring none other than Monica Curro - John's daughter I assume.....?
Jejune said…
OMG! Did you go to Aberdeen to IFYOPA?? I was there - travelling with the Canberra Youth Orchestra (violin), 4 weeks in Scotland, England, France and Germany, August 1980 ... !!?
Grand Purl Baa said…
Yep Jejune. That was the same trip. How about that. We were in Aberdeen together for the International Festival of Youth Orchestras and Performing Artists. How about that! 6 degrees. Me in the Queensland Youth Orchestra, you in the Canberra Youth Orchestra.

Ah memories.

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