Road Trips and SneaK Previews

A hint.

A titbit.

A sneak preview.

....such a loooong wait.

In the meantime...


Southern Highlands NSW
7th - 14th October
with Louise
why not
(giving) the Wild Knitting Workshop at Wool Addiction in Bowral - 2 places left - wanna come?
What else
(judging) the CWA Crazy Cozy Competition in Exeter
What then
(visiting) friends in Kiama
And after that
(visiting) friends in the Blue Mountains
All the while
(messing about in) second hand shops and wool shops and cafes and maybe some outdoorsy shit - maybe



Luvvie said…
Talk about thick!!! Here I was getting all uppity going "Who the hell is Louise????" - oh that's's me!!!
Jacqui said…
looking forward to seeing you lovely ladies - safe trip!
donna said…
I live in the Blue Mountains! It's lovely here today, now that the wind has stopped howling. Have fun when you visit!
Don said…
Wool it. I know someone with this condition.
Maria said…
Love to be on that road trip
grrl + dog said…
Hey Thelma,

If it means you get a bit of cowboy trade on the way,then I'm coming!

As if going to wool addiciton wont be reason enough.
Ms Bubblefish said…
Dear Thelma,
If you should need a Personal Testimonial about how a course with you can change someone's life, do get them to apply at my address!!!

Do have fun and keep those knitters on task!

Yours faithfully,
Ms Bubblefish
Grand Purl Baa said…
Aw shucks Ms Bubblefish - that is just the noicest thing. Ta heaps.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
I do hope this weeks travels are immensely enjoyable.

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