No Matter

No matter how many times I check these socks...

I didn't tell you this about the Noro Stripe Fest socks before because I had hoped that they would work things out in the cupboard, between themselves, in the dark, over time.

But NUP! Nothing. Not a thing. Not a stretch. Not a shrink. Zippo. Zilch.

Yes most people have one foot longer than the other but THREE CENTIMETERS?!

You don't know anyone do you, with one foot THREE CENTIMETERS longer than the other? 'Cause these socks are looking for a new cupboard.

No matter how much attention I pay the 2 ply on 5mm needles lace thingy...

It turned out to be a one night stand after all. Well, a series of one night stands really.

Now I'm a girl that LOVES the doing. Yes getting to the end bit is pretty damn fab.

But the DOING, that's pretty damn fab too, to linger over, luxuriate in, at the same time content in what you know and surprised by the things you don't.

Making lace? It's... it's... it's like playing GOLF that's what it's like. Extremely frustrating, infuriating even. I'm not a nice golfer. I think I might not be a nice lace maker.

No matter..

there are always pretty pink bobby socks to return to.


Jen Booth said…
Oooooh, Loani, can't bear the thought that there are a miss-match pair resulting from your own needles! You are my sock-knitter-icon, my guru, my hero, my mentor in all things 'socky'. Where will I go to from here when I haven't even started yet?
I'm now on very shaky ground and feeling very vulnerable for Help!!
Ginga Squid said…
Those socks are so cool & funky! Maybe if you just leave them on their own a little longer they might sort themselves out?
For socks you only have one of - you could give it eyes & use as a sock puppet?
Monika said…
Aw that sucks about the socks! I don't like knitting with real lace weight yarn either, and I DO have 2 balls of orange lace weight it in my stash (among others). I would not use 5mm needles, no matter what anybody said, it's just to uncomfortable. Maybe you like to knit some lacey thing with smaller needles? OR are you off it for good? :o)
Ohhh girly, you realy make me laugh and I love your socks too,if you ever wanna make me a pair....(same size of course)let me know.
Too much your socks! Like young french say: elles sont trop tes chaussettes! I want the same but I live too far...
Don said…
They look like the warmest socks in the world. Wish I had one foot bigger than the other...damn!
Purl - Please don't give up on that orange lace! It's too beautiful... I can't bear it.
(Sorry, that's a tad melodramatic, but you know how I love orange.) x
Ms Bubblefish said…
I lurve your sock things. I still haven't mustered the courage. There is just soooooooooo much to do in retirement that I'm almost catatonic trying to decide what to do next. I turn to you for colourful inspiration here.
Thank you for the lovely comment about mentoring. I almost died when I realised I'd forgotten dear Em, now police woman Em, now knitting cupcakes police woman Em.

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