Sock Sass

Hey LOOK what you did!

You CAN make lace!

So how about you fix this sock.


Ms Bubblefish said…
Scary Sockperson! Is it a maniac tea cosy???

Lurve the lace you clever knitter you!

And your use of second person singular!
Don said…
The lace is beautiful!
theemutsfeest said…
Yess you did it!
I love the lace!
Even if it wasn't orange, I'd still be head over heels in love with it.... (but not quite so deeply)
Ginga Squid said…
Love him/her!
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hey Ms Ginga Squid
Well yes. You DID say.
Ginga Squid said…
And I was right! Sass is awesome!
Alison Friday said…
Really liking the orange lace;-)
grrl + dog said…
Now you are just plain showing off with that lace.

Mi god,

I could not manage it.

YOurs looks fantastic.
Mine may be a dish rag.

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