Best in Show at the Noosa Country Show

On most Friday afternoons The Bloke and I wander down to Hasting Street, Noosa, for what has become our end of week ‘date’ at Aromas Cafe.

We sit Italian style on the cane chairs facing, not towards each other, but outwards to the footpath to more easily watch the passing crowd, as do all the other patrons.

What are we to do? That is how the chairs are placed.

Before we take up our positions there, we stroll to the board walk hugging Noosa Beach and park our bottoms on the rock wall to peruse and amuse ourselves with the beach crowd first.

It is all the most pleasant of pleasantries, our little ritual.

We fancy ourselves belonging to the Noosa sophisticates. Hastings kind of people.

Promenading. Sipping. Supping.

But today...
...we went in the other direction. Away from the water. Inland. To the Noosa Country Show at a little town called Pomona.

And this is what we saw.

That turnip picture? The Card says

First Prize - Bunch of Three Turnips.

It does! That's what it says.

Click on photos to embiggen.

And for my pick Best in Show was this entry in the Novelty Cake section.

Pole dancing pole dancers!

Now you have to admit....that's pretty damn NOVEL!


lynne h said…
oh, lol, the pole dancing cake! what an excellant eye you have!

and those are some mighty fine lookin' turnips.
Ginga Squid said…
What a cool cake - can't believe it only won second prize.
hughesy said…
And, I'll have you know, those turnips are mine!
Don said…
Monster trucks and Dagwood dogs?! What a day out!

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