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Road Trips and SneaK Previews

A hint.

A titbit.

A sneak preview.

....such a loooong wait.

In the meantime...


Southern Highlands NSW
7th - 14th October
with Louise
why not
(giving) the Wild Knitting Workshop at Wool Addiction in Bowral - 2 places left - wanna come?
What else
(judging) the CWA Crazy Cozy Competition in Exeter
What then
(visiting) friends in Kiama
And after that
(visiting) friends in the Blue Mountains
All the while
(messing about in) second hand shops and wool shops and cafes and maybe some outdoorsy shit - maybe


Who Am I to Judge?

Maleny Arts and Crafts Group
Tea Pot Show 2009
Tea Cosy Competition

1st Prize - GerTea - by Christine

Judges ALWAYS say how hard it is to pick a winner, one that is obviously above the best.

But it WAS.

Who am I to judge anyway.  I CALL myself the Queen of the Tea Cosies but...

Yes yes.  There are all the criteria to follow.  Execution.  Colour.  Design.   Artistic merit.  Wit.

But these are subjective things.

I mean really!

How is one to choose between the chook and the fat lady?

It has to be a matter of personal preference, surely.

And as I have a penchant for chooks... I went for the chook.

Glow Belle Warming - the name alone deserved special attention.

As luck would have it - these two cosies were both made by Christine, so it was a win win.

Christine told me she has a 'charmed life'.  She spends every waking moment creating beautiful things; sewing (mostly dolls), knitting, crochet, beading. 

Ah!  The power of self expression.  The joy in making stuff.  Colourful, artful, fu…

Sock Sass

Hey LOOK what you did!

You CAN make lace!

So how about you fix this sock.

Thirty Years Friends

Gees that was a big adventure.

The 1980 Queensland Youth Orchestra International Tour.  Six weeks playing music and playing with friends.

That is Rosie (violinist) on the left, Sue Ellen (cellist) in the middle and moi (viola) on the right.

Gees that was a big adventure.
The 1985 birth of a baby boy.

That is Rosie on the left and moi on the right, loving Benjamin Bunny, just 4 hours old.

Yep.  We did it at home.  His dad holding me up.  Rosie holding my hand.  Judy the midwife... well doing what midwives do.
Gees this IS a big adventure.
Being a mother.  Being a friend.

That's Benjamin Bunny all grown up on the left and Rosie looking gorgeous as ever on the right.

Gees that was a big adventure.
The marking of a Big O Birthday.

That is Rosie there in her flapper hat.  Looking oh so elegant, if not a teeny bit eccentric.

So so glad to be in Perth to celebrate your 50th with you Rose - you bestest of best best friends.

Here's cheers to many more big adventures.

No Matter

No matter how many times I check these socks...

I didn't tell you this about the Noro Stripe Fest socks before because I had hoped that they would work things out in the cupboard, between themselves, in the dark, over time.

But NUP! Nothing. Not a thing. Not a stretch. Not a shrink. Zippo. Zilch.

Yes most people have one foot longer than the other but THREE CENTIMETERS?!

You don't know anyone do you, with one foot THREE CENTIMETERS longer than the other? 'Cause these socks are looking for a new cupboard.

No matter how much attention I pay the 2 ply on 5mm needles lace thingy...

It turned out to be a one night stand after all. Well, a series of one night stands really.

Now I'm a girl that LOVES the doing. Yes getting to the end bit is pretty damn fab.

But the DOING, that's pretty damn fab too, to linger over, luxuriate in, at the same time content in what you know and surprised by the things you don't.

Making lace? It's... it's... it's like pl…

Best in Show at the Noosa Country Show

On most Friday afternoons The Bloke and I wander down to Hasting Street, Noosa, for what has become our end of week ‘date’ at Aromas Cafe.

We sit Italian style on the cane chairs facing, not towards each other, but outwards to the footpath to more easily watch the passing crowd, as do all the other patrons.

What are we to do? That is how the chairs are placed.

Before we take up our positions there, we stroll to the board walk hugging Noosa Beach and park our bottoms on the rock wall to peruse and amuse ourselves with the beach crowd first.

It is all the most pleasant of pleasantries, our little ritual.

We fancy ourselves belonging to the Noosa sophisticates. Hastings kind of people.

Promenading. Sipping. Supping.

But today...
...we went in the other direction. Away from the water. Inland. To the Noosa Country Show at a little town called Pomona.

And this is what we saw.

That turnip picture? The Card says

First Prize - Bunch of Three Turnips.

It does! That's what it says.

Click on phot…

Here's look'n at you kid


What I did on my holidays was visit Perth, waaaay on the other side of Australia. Five hours in the plane.

What I did on my holidays was spend two lovely jubely days with my girlfriend Julie. Together we organised her life in paper.

Pretty special really to share a life's adventures with someone in that way. I thought I knew quite a lot about Julie but there is a deep deep well to know yet.

We threw much out but we kept a great deal too. All the good stuff.

What I did on my holidays was drive out of Perth and fancy myself a lady naturalist, photographing here and photographing there.

The first four are from the side of the road, North of Perth on the way to New Norcia.

The second four are from the Kings Park (central Perth), a most magnificent place to visit at this time of year.

What I did on my holidays was BUY WOOL. Alpaca. Not this Alpaca's but a white Alpaca's, already washed and carded and ready to go.

What I did on my holidays wa…