Now THAT's Cute!

Yesterday - without the flowers.

Oh Amelia.
You look GORGEOUS.
Hat or no.

Happy and safe journey back to the other side of the world with your nutty mother and father.

And today - WITH the flowers.

Amelia's nutty mother and father, living some sort of Patons pattern book fantasy.

click on photo to embiggen


Purl Buttons said…
THESE are people that would be fun to spend time with!
Ginga Squid said…
Very stylish hat - the red yarn looks yummy.

I aspire to knitting an Xmas jumper (that mom is wearing) like that for my little girl. Also kind of like Colin Firth wears in Bridget Jones movie....
grrl + dog said…
well these guys just fit right in, dont they?
Monika said…
What a happy couple! :o) The flower got to be made with Noro yarn?!
Zoe said…
That post made me smile. Brillant pics love the hat!
boogirl said…
We are available for parties. Our rates - flights, accom, champagne and a ball of wool!

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