Bag Lady

I was gunna show yous a photo of me pantry 'cos I done cleaned it out a real treat but yous are lucky 'cos I changed me moind and decided to show you this instead.

Noice huh!

I figured it out all by meself.
A sinch.
Just round and round.

Crocheted with cooking string.
Took 3 balls.
Found in the pantry.


Shell Sherree said…
Very noice!!! And cooking string? Well, I never. {Nope. Never.}
pinkviolets said…
Luv, Luv, Luv, Luv it!!!!!!!!
Ms Bubblefish said…
what a find! What a way to make decluttering full of exciting creative potential.

You clever thing you!

Myself,I,just finished sorting through old cutlery in a bid to release it into a new life elsewhere. I'm not into hard sculpture but I do have a pair of gorgeous silver fork tine earrings! Unfortunately old stainless steel from the seventies doesn't have the same cachet!
Alison Friday said…
great photo, loving the pink!
Jacqui said…
show off! Is there any fibre you can't weave magic with? I can't even look at a ball of cooking string now and feel adequate. Bet the pantry isn't really clean - bet you got to the first shelf, found the string, and thought bugger the rest, I'm going to have fun with this instead!
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Wow, How creative. Now I would've put the balls of string in the garden shed a "safe" place never to be found when needed LOLs.
Monika said…
I love this bag. I'm a bag lady too. :o)

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