(some) Close Ups of Mittagong

Those smiling faces have had there turn.

Now it's time for the tea cosies to shine.

Some today.

Some tomorrow.

And if you haven't already been there, go there now...

Ms Bubblefish and Ms grrl+dog

1. Steph's "Self Portrait"

2. Gill's "Leap into the Abyss"
(Gill? Sounds good to me.)

3. Dorothy's "Garden Basket"

4. Denise's "Vagina Dentata"
(That's vagina with teeth for those who need help. Well I did!)


grrl + dog said…
ha! Great set of pics... glad the tea pot took a while to offend anyone..
Luvvie said…
hmmmm vagina dentata - every boy's greatest fear - so many movies in that one!!!
Ginga Squid said…
Love the vagina dentata! And all of them actually....
lyle said…
the cozies are wonderful--- beyond belief. thanks for the pics! and thanks to grrl. lyle
j'adore! j'aime le tricot et le thé alors là je sjuis comblée! hum...ça a l'air si douillet!
Grand Purl Baa said…
errr... que!

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