Mittagong Magic

Look what you did!

You created the most monumentally magnificent and marvelous cosies in the world.

You were fun and funny and fabulous.

The most excellent of excelling students.

My first (gees I hope they invite me back) Sturt Winter School was .... t'was ... t'was magic!

Thank you.

To all nine of you Knitting Nuts.

1. Susan and Francesca
2. Steph and Denise
3. Lindy and Dorothy
4. Gill and Judith
...and May too

The Nine Knitting Nuts designed and created their own tea cosies from a germ of an idea, a drawing and many hours in construction with the aid of the odd cup of tea and a well deserved glass of wine.

Oh and with a bit of prodding and a mountain of hilarity.

Hop over to HERE to for more photos.


Ms Bubblefish said…
We look soooooo fabulous!!! And so do the cosies. What a wonderful memento of an absolutely mad, inspiring, wonderful, sharing week!
I love yous all!!!
Steph (alias 'Ms Bubblefish' of 'Ms Textual')
grrl + dog said…
everyone looks so utterly delighted with theirs!

A testimony to the success of the week.

I spent the last few hours doing the extra teeth and my pot is now ready to be shown off for tonight's stitch'n'bitch.

THanks again for a wonderful week. I WANT MORE!!!
Luvvie said…
Looks like you had the BEST time luvvie - great photos :)
Jejune said…
Oh fantabulous! What great creations and a happy bunch! I'm totally jealous - AND you got to meet The Other Denise - extra jealous now ;)
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
Absolutely awesome creations. You are all so very very very clever. So pleased the week was such great fun for everyone.
Oh Loani - they all look so happy!
You little joy-spreader you ...
W x

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