Hildegaard oh Hildegaard

This came on Wednesday.

...with this...

"May we present to you:


She was born on your birthday, made entirely by hand by someone who can't really sew. She won't lay eggs but she enjoys stamp collecting and golf. We hope you'll love her. Jacqui XX

.... and then there was this on Friday

Hildergaard, oh Hildergaard,

Have you settled in?
Are you getting on Roger? Or is he too Rampant for you?
Go on! Show us your wobbly stitches


....to which

Roger is a bore! And that tea cosy woman? She promised to do the photo shoot today and what with the pedicure and a hair do and Briazilian., I was exHAUSTed. But nothing.... no photographs....no blogging. Some rubbish about a book. I’m coming home.


Don’t be so vain – you be nice to her, she’s got important knitting business to do and deadlines to meet. Alright? Good. Now stop bugging her and I will too. Make her a cup of tea and be useful - if you can get some cake happening, that’ll probably help too. Or chocolate. And don’t go bugging her about corn.


Braaak! But she made me get up at dawn. Really! I thought it was just Blue Mountain chooks that were early risers. Something about 'good light'. What do you think? Do I look gorgeous?


...errr can I have my blog back now please?



Loani, you need to stop writing patterns and get out of the house now. Immediately.
Shell Sherree said…
Hahahahahaha! Hildegaard does look gorgeous, wobblies and all.
Jacqui said…
That's the best menagerie of chickens I think I've ever seen. Looks like she is in fine company! I should have stuffed her with lavender - good luck with the deadline. It'll be the best tea cosie book since the last one! x
Ginga Squid said…
What are you on?
grrl+dog said…
I want what your'e having..
lynne h said…
hee!! xo
Gidgetknits said…
Oh what a giggle! And I love the wonky stitching - she looks fabulous!
Banaghaisge said…
She is a very cheeky chooky, rahter dashy and seductive eyeshadow too. And I agree with Wendy - time to get out of the house I reckon!!!

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