What is it about curiosity?

Aw Wessy! You're so handsome.

This is my much talked about 1950's drinks trolley.

Sits beside my very comfortable lounge chair.

Having to show you furniture BECAUSE I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW YOU MY TEA COSIES!!!

The 15 new tea cosies that are dancing around my house bursting with 'look at me'.

Dream dream dream. Knit knit knit. Write write write. 24 days to deadline.


Shell Sherree said…
Always glad to see your charming Wes!
boogirl said…
I'm so looking forward to the next exciting instalment of WTC. The suspense is nearly killing me... or is it killing the cat. Under the drinks trolley. All curious.

Wes. Help. Take secret pics and post them.
Jacqui said…
so that's what a professional knitter's kit looks like, eh? Love the 50s drinks trolly - can't tell you how often I've tried to justify and figure out how to fit one into our little house. No martini though - very disappointing. Wes looks like he knows something we don't and I'm not happy - I want to see! I want to see!
smileybella said…
Hi Loani - so delighted to see your book for sale at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra the other day! Well done!
Tania x
Jejune said…
Oooh more cosies!! Hurrah! Good luck with The Deadline, know far too well what THAT particular pressure is like. Remember to take time to sleep and eat!

Love your drinks trolley - my mum had a traymobile that looks similar, which had side flaps, and was terribly useful.

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