Avid Reader has been shortlisted in the Australian Booksellers Industry Awards in the following category - twice.

Bookseller Marketing Campaign of the Year 2009

Avid Reader, for Growing Up Asian in Australia, edited by Alice Pung
Avid Reader, for Wild Tea Cosies, written by Loani Prior
Pages & Pages Booksellers Mosman, for The Given Day, written by Dennis Lehane
Readings Books Music Film Carlton, for The Boat, written by Nam Le
Robinson’s Bookshop, for Brisingr, written by Christopher Paolini

And yes! There is Wild Tea Cosies!

We are hoping that the tea cosy exhibition in the window, the knitted graffiti in the street, the launch crush, the tea cosy fashion parade and all the other nonsense that went on will warrant a WIN!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 23 June.

Good luck Avid.

There isn't anyone I should be sending a tea cosy to is there?


Gigi said…
Love the tea cosy heads ;-)!
Grand Purl Baa said…
That big boy? That's my son. Very manly thing to do I thought.
grrl+dog said…
I wanna make one of those at the Mittagong retreat..
Shell Sherree said…
Well done, indeed! And the Avid Reader was the place I first spied your Party Girl and Wild Tea Cosies, Loani. A special spot.

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