A Very Big Adventure - Retrospection

Besides dying with the biggest stash, I intend to die without regret. It's a plan. I reckon Justine might have the same plan.

Only about a month ago, perhaps two, she left her very important job in publishing and opened up her heart's desire - a little shop selling all the things she loves. Old things and handmade things and even old handmade things.

Very good cheer to you Justine.

And the very best of Big Adventures.

It is a beautiful shop.

498a Miller St

Ph: (02) 8065 4639


Shell Sherree said…
The very best of good fortune to Justine! I like to believe that such leaps of faith are rewarded in all sorts of goodly and mysterious ways.
grrl+dog said…
I am a sucker for vintage homewares.. lemme drive there now..
monique said…
It's a pitty that I'am living at the other side of the world ,I love these kind of shops.
Good luck !!!
Jejune said…
Best of luck with her new venture - it's a great thing to take that leap into doing what you love, and not being stuck in a daily grind.
Lady P said…
I would sooooo be in that shop if I could - heavenly!
Anonymous said…
I visited Retrospection this morning and I was in HEAVEN. It is a gorgeous shop. Congratulations!

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