23 June 2009

Shhh! Don't tell Murdoch

....but one was unable to contain oneself. One just had to knit sock... as a reward... because one has been so good, designing thousands of tea cosies.

Yes yes! That's what it is like.

It is like getting to 8 months in a pregnancy with only raspberry leaf tea to drink and deciding bugger it, it is time for a stout.

The baby is big and grown and almost ready to pop out.

A bloody great big glass of stout will be good for it.

Almost time for a book to have a life of it's own.

Ah! But is one advocating more sock knitting or more drinking?

If you are watching Master Murdoch: It was only for a night. These socks have been on the needles for months. They just needed finishing off. Truly Rooly.


Shell Sherree said...

You're a hoot, Loani! Surely it would be stern of Master Murdoch to be knit-picky over an innocent sock or two.

Purl Buttons said...

HOORAY! another person trying to finish off socks!

Ginga Squid said...

Nice socks - I'm off to get a beer.

grrl+dog said...

I just discovered fat yak... honeyed after taste but not too hoppy.
slaving over hot cosies will create a big thirst.

Hamlet & Co said...

I trust it was Cooper's.

Knit 'n' Stitch said...

Luv da socks loani. Perhaps Master Murdoch needs a pair of socks to keep his tootsies warm while relaxing with a tea cosy covered pot of tea .-)

Jejune said...

You deserved the break from book work!! They're gorgeous :)

Isn't it exciting, and scary, when The Book is close to being done?! Well done!

Lady P said...

love the socks