Kerrie's Fabulous Cosies

Kerrie! Here you are proudly showing off your cosy made in our company at the Nundle workshop.

Very pretty. Oh yeah, the cosy too.

(The cardigan and matching tank top Kerrie is wearing is made with her own clever hands too.)

And here is your Licorice Allsorts, beautifully executed, begun on the last day of the workshop, finished at home, photographed and sent to me by email.

It just doesn't diminish, the feeling I get when knitters share their renditions of Wild Tea Cosies with me.

I think it's time to stop saying "It's just a little tea cosy." To make a heart smile (like mine is smiling) is a big thing.

Thanks Kerrie


grrl+dog said…
ooh... I like... I cant wait...
monique said…
I love the tea cosies ,i made one mijself , I use him every day !! Monique
Purlbuttons said…
Love them!The Tea Posey Cosie is the one I hope to make as soon as I find the perfect color for the flower pot. I have lots of flower colored yarns. Maybe instead of saying, "Aw, it's just a tea cosie," you could say, "Thank you. My interest in tea cosies has led me to become an internationally known author..." Naw, maybe a little to to self serving...
Sewbeads (Purlbuttons)
Denise said…
Very clever Kerr i e, but we don't have a teapot.

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