Brown Wool and Jewels

In an effort to show knitted things (not tea cosies) one has had to root around in one's cupboards and drawers and large carved Chinese camphor wood boxes left to one by one's mother.

One found these! Just in the nick of time as one is off to a VERY cold place in about three weeks.

It is the same brown wool, brought home from Coffs Harbour in the shape of a fleece.

One washed, carded, spun and knitted it into one's own matching scarf and beanie.

One feels very satisfied with oneself for this amazing feat of perseverance.

(The Bloke fancies himself as a photographer and made one tilt one's head and look to the left. One just wishes he would learn photoshop and rub out the winkles. Yep. W-I-N-K-L-E-S. Not wrinkles! Somehow they're more likable spelled that way. )

One also feels very satisfied with oneself for choosing this beautiful piece from Secret Santa at last year's Orphan's Christmas.

It has waited a long time for a posting but here you are

You are a bloody genius!


grrl+dog said…
I desperately need to knit a beanie, not only for the embittering cold of Canberra and Mittagong, but for the sheer hell..
Jacqui said…
One does look quite pleased with oneself, and so one ought. This one admires how well one looks in one's beanie compared to when one puts one on and immediately thinks to oneself that one looks like a frozen pea. One also quite likes that one's partner fancies himself a photographer when one's life companion cannot hold a camera straight to save ones life, never mind make suggestions for how one should pose. Well done one!
boogirl said…
I can feel a greeting card comment coming on....
Hamlet & Co said…
It's a gorgeous photo - very cover-worthy. And the odd winkle is much more preferable to looking like a plastic person.
The brooch looks a million dollars against the rustic brown. But I'm biased ....
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
They look so warm. Make sure you take them to Mittagong - you will need them there.

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