Break a Leg

It is a funny old thing - blogging. Non bloggers seem to think that I blog in a vacuum and they question its purpose.

For me, most days start with the ‘blog read’. OTHER people's blogs. There is a teaming humanity, chattering away out there in blogland, finding their voices in sketching, sculpture, pottery, photography, writing, music, patch work, and even knitting.

I love peeking into others lives and I love that there are some that peek into my (knitterly) life.

This week an email came from Maree who lives in the central tablelands of New South Wales.

She bought a book, broke a leg and started knitting.

Tea cosies! Lots and lots of tea cosies.

Then she sent me these photos, the result of her 3 months recuperation!

How GRAND is that!

It is simple really.
There is no vacuum.
Just people.
Talking to each other.


smileybella said…
Loani - how glorious to see your beautiful patterns in creation by someone else! This must have been such a thrill. How gorgeous. :)
Shell Sherree said…
Very grand, Loani!
Liz Steel said…
Wow! What a wonderful collection of tea cosies!
Although I might be silent on your blog most of the time, I am watching and enjoying! And it always brings a smile to my face and makes me think that I should be doing more knitting!
Steph said…
OMG! How stunning! Just love these. So expertly knitted!

Agree so much with you about the delights of blogging (active and passive). I have two blogs because I can't seem to separate out my bookaholic tendencies from my knitterholic tendencies. Sometimes I really wish that I'd collapsed all the bits of me into one easy-access blog.
REread said…
cool ... love a good cosy
Purl Buttons said…
I am inspired! I actually have a finished cosy and one on the way but nothing as beautiful as these. The problem for me is a lack of teapots. The only place to buy them locally is health food stores and--wait for it--the British Pavillion at Epcot. They are quite pricey. My mother has made me promise not to buy a 4 or 6 cup pot over the internet or at the health food store so she can give me my very own Brown Betty for my birthday. In the mean time, I make do with a little I-pot and a weird little number I bought in Paris some years back. I'll blog their pictures some time this week.
Hamlet & Co said…
Bloody awesome!
Jejune said…
Oh wow, they are phenomenal!! And you're so right about blogs - it's an ongoing conversation, with piccies!

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