The Bag Lady did it.

This little beauty turns heads everywhere she goes.

I only bring her out in winter.

And winters are filled with "I love your bag. Did you make it?"

I did spin the brown and orange wool an age ago. The pink is a loopy fancy yarn. But my friend Sue designed, knitted and felted the bag. Most of her friends carry something similar but different.

We don't call her The Bag Lady for nothing.

I love my bag too.

Thank you Sue.

P.S. The brown is the colour of the sheep.


MC said…
Just gorgeous! I love it that the brown is the color of the sheep. I love keeping up with your blog as it is cheerful, full of colors and whimsical ideas and because it gives me a glimpse of a faraway country which I have yet to visit. Oh! And I love knitting too!
grrl+dog said…
I love your bag... can I make one?
lynne h said…
i love this bag, loani, and i love your comment on the 'devil angel me' post. : )

Don said…
The bag is so cool. But that brown wool! Beautiful.
Hawk and Weasel said…
It's fanatasitic! I see a lot of felted stuff but this was a killer. Love the brown plus pink!
Hamlet & Co said…
Brown goes with everything. Brown rocks. You do it proud L.

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