51 Today

51 Today! 51 Today!

I'm more than one.

I'm more than two.

I'm MUCH more than three.

51 Today!

Those hands are only 49. It's not that my 51 year old hands are any more unsightly, It's just that a cake photo was needed.

I know. I know. It'll slide off the plate like that but I have to do The Big Drive today for 'real' work, ('real' work being work that is not designing tea cosies work) and I don't have time for mucking about with recalcitrant photos.

Hi ho hi ho.....


Luvvie said…
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Loani
Happy Birthday to you

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
And so say all of us
And so say all of us
And so say all of us

Why was she born so beautiful

Lots of love

Wabi Sabi Woman said…
Happy birthday Loani! Good grief, I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm drooling over the strawberry cake.... well when you're 51 or for me, gulp, a large tad over 51, you can eat what you like for breakfast.
Monika said…
Right now, here you still are 50! Happy Birthday! That cake looks yummy! Tomorrow I'll buy some strawberries and make a cake. I'll be thinking of you while eating it. :o)
Shell Sherree said…
Happy Birthday, dear Loani! I'm guessing the cake will be eaten faster than it can slide off the plate anyway.
Ms Bubblefish said…
Hip hip hooray! 3 cheers! Love the cake perspective...perhaps a subliminal assessment on confirming your entrance plus 1 into such an entertaining decade in which life becomes an ocean of new possibilities when you're no longer trapped into the decades of 'becoming'...you've arrived with gusto and verve!
grrl+dog said…

happy happy birthday, and I hope you eat ALL that cake...

will toast your day when I see you
Jacqui said…
Sorry, I know Luvvie has already done it, but it's a family tradition for us to sing.

[OK, girls, altogether now:]

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Ha-ppy Birth-day dear Lo-an-i,
Ha-p-p-y Bir-th-day to you!!!

Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!

For she’s a jolly good chicken
For she’s a jolly good chi-cken
For she’s a jol-ly g-o-o-d chi-i-ck-en
And...so say all of us

Love from Marjorie Best Chicken, Buffy, Fluffy, Pippy, Violet, Daisy and Pumpkin

Hope you ate the whole cake before work for breakfast
Erin said…
Delicious looking cake. I love it when cakes are combined with fresh fruit, that's becoming very popular at weddings now btw.
pinkviolets said…
Happy Birthday Loani, the cake looks delicious
Purl Buttons said…
Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day.
lynne h said…
happy birthday, loani! that cake is gorgeous!

sending smiles your way...

mem said…
Happy Happy Birthday, I hope you had a SPLENDID day! (and it's mine next week!). Yay for birthdays!!!!!!!!!
Ohh my goodness I see we share a birthday date... how about that...
I've been reading & blogging about Deneese's Knitta please in Canberra & then got onto them all going to Mittagong & through that found your site... welll you know how it all goes from 1 2 th uder... & I end up here & your birthday is the 25 same as mine 'but'... yes there is always a but, I'm a few years older than you - I won't hold that against you, cause your another Qlder...yaa to Qld... hope you have a great time teaching in Mittagong & that you are kept nice & WARM... B

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