York St, Sydney. Thanks Alan.

Alan got in the lift with me at the 3rd floor where Murdoch have their offices.

He had a fluorescent yellow vest on and was in charge of a trolley with a great load of parcels.

He seemed like just the sort of fellow who would know the way to York Street so I said "You look like just the sort of fellow who would know the way to York Street. Can you point me in the right direction?"

"York Street is a long way. You can't walk to York Street." he said. "I'll take you there" he said.

"You can't do that" I said. "It's not out of your way is it?" I said.

"No. I'm going that way. Where are you going to in York St?"

"The wool shop" I said.

"I know the wool shop" he said.

Well if I had any doubt at all about getting in a van with a strange man in the great metropolis that is Sydney, I didn't now. Any man that knew where the wool shop was had to be OK.

And he was much more than OK. He was lovely. Thanks Alan for driving me to the wool shop in York St. It probably was out of your way. And it would indeed have been a long way on foot. A simple but extraordinary gift very much appreciated. A gift remembered and recounted at every chance.

The chickens? Well. Three's a crowd.


Shell Sherree said…
What a kind man!

And I guess those chickens know the pecking order.
Jacqui said…
oh that's just tops...especially that he knew where the wool shop was! (I do love that wool shop but they are very skint on crochet cotton I have to complain).

Ahem - chickens love a crowd (no such thing as two's company) and I love a chicken (as you well know), even wooly chickens (these chickens are particularly delightful) and there's plenty of room for three up here ...

I'm not even going to comment on you being in Sydney other than to say wonderful things about this new book publishing deal :)
Grand Purl Baa said…
Jacqui - Perhaps she's just having a little lie down?
Ginga Squid said…
I think you can always trust a man in a flourescent yellow vest - if he was a dodgy axe murderer he would wear something more incognito I reckon!

Saw your book the other day - its FAB. I'm going to buy it when I get back to NZ.
grrl+dog said…
oh, so it isn't a black chicken supremacy group?
little hat said…
those two black chickens have just mugged that poor white one. Are you making a ploitical statemnt?

I have VENUS envy - Views Every Night Utterly Stunning!
Hamlet & Co said…
and I thought all Sydney people were ... (pauses just in time, realising that Sydney people may be reading this)

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