Yipeeee! Time to KNIT a BOOK!

I have just finished a month long contract, doing my JOB job, which I am blessed to love, especially when the client is so engaged in the task.

Thanks guys. You are a fabulously memorable bunch.

Now to knitting a book.

Two months till deadline. There is wool all over the house.

First job to SORT it. There's one day gone right there.

Feeling extremely gleeful and lucky right now as if I'm on some great big long knitting holiday.

Tea Hea Hea


Hamlet & Co said…
Those photos are gorgeous....
Shell Sherree said…
Loani, your exuberance is gorgeous!
Gidgetknits said…
Fantastic photos! Now digging around for a hamock!
boogirl said…
Va va va voom! I thought the first pic was your much younger sister (Not that you look your age at all). You look divine. And the wool...too delicious for words - no wonder you look so happy and relaxed.
mem said…
That is the stuff dreams are made of.
Luvvie said…
Oh Luvvie

You are an absolute scream. I just love these photos. They are the best !!!
grrl+dog said…
ooh! Fantastic news...the sequel!

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