Woo Hoo! We came. We knit. We went.

Knitting wild tea cosies at Nundle - a workshop.

What on earth was I worried about? Of course it was going to be great.

YOU made it great. My face hurt from all the talking and smiling.

Here are some of you, beaming with knitting joy.
From left to right...

1.Casey 2.Marilyn and Heather 3.Kylie 4.Kerrie 5. Moi 6.Marilyn 7.Kaye 8.Cheryl and Helen 9.Aileen and Casey

Click on to embiggen.

Thank you thank you thank you Nick and Kylie who's place is the Nundle Woollen Mill for your very warm welcome.

What perfect hosts you both were, making everything so easy and comfortable through the day, rewarding us with drinky poos at 4 ish each day and dinner in the pub every night.

We can even boast a little country fame with a spot on the Armidale Prime News. Have a look.

Yes we are planning to do it again. Well why wouldn't you!


pinkviolets said…
Hi Loani, Wow, what a great time we had, a little trip away to do girlie stuff with other knitters, it makes you feel so refreshed and happy when you get home, we shared things together and had an absoloutley wonderful time, I could have stayed longer, our hosts were marvelous and delightful people as well, the wool mill is fantastic. I will definitely be putting it in my calender for next year, in fact I can't wait for 12 months, can we have another sooner. The weather was perfect, not a bit cold, so don't let that put anyone off.Happy Knitting. Kerrie
grrl+dog said…
and just as the roads open as well.. so glad you had a wonderful time.. cocktails are essential in a workshop..
Ms Bubblefish said…
My daughter gave me your beautiful tea cosy book for Mother's Day. I can't wait to get stuck into it-just trying to finish a mammoth toddler blanket before I do! Also saw a great review of the book in Issue 2 of the UK 'Knitting' magazine.
I'll keep a look out for another of your workshops. Very envious!
bowerbirdz said…
Look at you on the news! I would love to have been there - next time, next time... Glad you all had agreat time!
Jacqui said…
I think your title should read: Woo hoo! We came. We knit. We went off" - not everyday you get on the news for knitting - goddess bless you all. yes, Liz, I think we should go to the next one.

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