What WAS I thinking?!

Not ALL ideas are good ideas.

Like this one. What on EARTH was I thinking?

What ARE they? Graffiti? They look sort of .... rude, phallic almost. No?

Very pleased though with something I can't show you.

Yesterday a brand new tea cosy design. Yep. In three days. Light bulb. Knit. Pattern. How to bits. Everything. Done.

Today went shopping for the cold weather in Nundle in May, Mittagong in July and Bowral and Exeter in October.

Where's my $900 Kev?! The Bloke has his. The moment I get it, I can stop spending it over and over.

Dreaming of more Light Bulbs tomorrow.


Jacqui said…
I finally got my cheque from Kev - m. got his WEEKS ago. What to spend it on?? I think, if I'm honest, I have already spent it with my new curtain fabric but that was AGES ago now so I don't think it really counts.

Hmmm...sausages? Knitted sausages? I don't know but maybe the other bits that go with them just haven't arrived yet. You wait - it'll be good.
smileybella said…
They look like fat candy mice to me! Cute!
grrl+dog said…
Don't tell me... tampon warmers... I knew it.. essential items. Do you have them on your etsy store yet??
Grand Purl Baa said…
Now that's just the sublime to the ridiculous. Keep 'em coming.
Luvvie said…
Possum - they look like bags for bags to me. I'm being entirely serious here...you know those bags for recycling placcy bags that sit inside of your ... I don't know...pantry or somthing.
mem said…
Deflated balloons after a 4 year old's party? Or cheerios with a difference, perhaps. Wonder what they'd taste like.
boogirl said…
My first thought was haggis warmers...
I'm sure you could sell them to the Scots. They're a funny lot :)
Jejune said…
I have no sign of my 'stimulus' either, and am starting to doubt I'll be eligible at all :/

Glad you've had a lightbulb moment, and new designs! I was very chuffed to see massive PILES of your book at the National Gallery bookstore, when Dotter and I went to the Soft Sculpture exhibition yesterday :)

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