Real Men Knit Nundle

This woman recruited this man

and his mother

and his father

in the comfort of the Nundle Pub

with the baby obligingly asleep

to help complete Wonder Weave - a tea cosy

Click on to embiggen

Casey and Aileen came on the first day professing ignorance in knitting matters. They were sure they would only stay for one session, being as how hopeless they were at the clickity clack and how they had a baby to run away to. But for all their protestations, they did indeed have all the necessaries - a knit stitch, a purl stitch and big big smiles. Having discovered at lunch time that the men were more than capable of taking care of 8 month old Tash on their own, they were back with bells on for the afternoon session.

Not to be impaired by time or place, we found them all in the pub that night, knitting, weaving and making pompoms, right there over a beer.

Casey's Wonder Weave will be a true family heir loom.


Jacqui said…
ah now see that's my kind of knitting - pom poms in a pub, with a beer. Love it! Glad it all went swimingly for you in Nundle. I have to go there one day just because it's called Nundle. Don't ask me why.
Purl Buttons said…
I'm jealous! I sure hope I get a chance to sit and knit in a pub with you when you do your USA tour.
grrl+dog said…
well..ya see... a beer makes things OK...a man can do anything as long as there is a beer in proximity.
Anonymous said…
what fun, knitting and pompoms in a pub!

Another one here who cannot clikkety clack, I have your page bookmarked and whenever I have the miseries I check out the cosies and cant help but smile :)

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