Nundle OUTBACK Knit-In - avec MOI

Come play with me in late MAY.

Nick of Nundle Woollen Mill has asked me to come and play with him - and YOU - at the end of May for a few days. So I am.

Where is the Nundle Woollen Mill? In Nundle of course! Where's Nundle? It is 60km South East of Tamworth (of country music festival fame), off the New England Highway. That's Australia for International readers - but don't let that stop you.

What is Nundle Woollen Mill? It is a 100 year old working mill producing my most favourite tea cosy knitting 8 ply wool in these gloriously joyful colours. Sorry if I sound like an ad. It is easy to rabbit on about stuff one gen-ewe-inely loves.

Moi, Me, I will be leading the charge twice a day telling tall stories like

  • There is No Such Thing as a New Idea and
  • How to get a publisher in three easy phone calls and
  • What Not to Wear for Tea Pots.

Stuff like that. And we might even do a bit of knitting and sharing of knitting tips with the company of the New England Knitters Guild.

But wait. There's MORE.
You can stay overnight at the Dag Sheep Station. (tea hea hea) Hmmmm. Camp oven dinners and the bush breakfasts with billy tea. And tour the mill. And eat, drink and be merry - with other knitterly folk.

Anyway PHONE: 1300 686 353 to find out about their ONE Day and TWO Day packages - 27th, 28th and 29th May.

That's me! Dreaming of wool and tea cosies. I DO dream of wool and tea cosies. Really I do. Sad but true.

I know. I know. I got a bit carried away with the hammock photos. Weellll. (Said in low growly voice). It was fun.


mem said…
And there you are - dreaming!
smileybella said…
I want to be there and I want to roll in that yarn! Off to get my knitting out...
Don said…
Now I know why my partner (grrl+dog) was talking casually about going for a weekend in Nundle soon!
She is going crazy on knitting...I'm scoring big-time on scarves!
PS: love your tea cosy book.
lynne h said…
oh my, what a lot of juicy goodness here, loani! your tea cosies!!!! i want to hug them, kiss them, and gaze lovingly at them all at the same time!!

thank you for your kind comments... i will be following your creative journey as well...

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