Great Feet

You know that question those that are trying to make one feel good about oneself ask?

The one that comes after complaining that one has no waist or that one's bosoms are too big?

The one one usually has to think hard about because one never has a nice thing to say about oneself?

That one.

Well I've never had to think about the answer to that question because I've always LOVED my feet. I have great feet. They are long and slender and well in proportion with the rest of me. And they show off red lace socks a real treat.

My bosoms aren't THAT big but it IS a bit tricky finding my waist. Perhaps I left it under that lemon meringue pie.

Click on photo to embiggen. One is very proud of one's effort.


Banaghaisge said…
Gorgeous sockies, and I am glad to see you shaved your leg for us as well! (Did you do both?).
LOVE that chook - what a wild look in it's eye when the pic is embiggened...
Gidgetknits said…
Great socks and chicken! From one good looking foot person to another!
EmmCee said…
Congratulations our blog has award you the Premios Dardo award - please come and collect it
lynne h said…
oh i do love these socks.... and i'm very happy to know another person who loves their feet. : )
Jacqui said…
well yes you DO have lovely feet but I was totally distracted by the chicken! Actually I was a bit like a cat with a mouse on one side and a bird on the other - I didn't know where to look, with RED being one of my favourite colours too

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