9 Wits Knitting Noosa

No they are NOT mine. I wish they were though.

I always wish other people's beautiful clever work was mine. It is the ultimate compliment to covert others' work.

Yes it is!

Hari made them. And you need to pop on over 9 Wits Knitting Noosa to see more from the Noosa Knit Wits.

That US. Me and my girlfriends. We are the Noosa Knit Wits.

If you knit or indeed needle craft in any form, you need a Knit Wits.

Or a Craft Dafts!
Sin Pins?
Needle Wheedles?
Sew Bows....

We met this morning as we do the second Sunday of each month. Taking turns at each others houses. I DO love our Knit Wits. Dearly. Thanks gals. Gees I must be hormonal, all this Gush Mush.


grrl+dog said…
how about purl gurls...

I thought of you this morning looking over the fashion pages on the weekend papers...there..on the .a skinny model bitchstomped down the catwalk sporting a necklace of laminated tampons...ha ha ha... it's caching om.
Ginga Squid said…
Oh my gosh - you are indeed Queen of the Tea Cosies, I've never seen anything like it!!!!!

They are soooo cool. Just a quick browse at your blog and I love the Pink Pom-Pom one and the Sea Squirts!

I'm off for a more detailed look which will probably end up with me ordering your book.

I'm just learning how to crochet - so this is great timing. And of course I will now be following you.

Thanks Loani! Your creations are just fab.
Vicky x
mem said…
I wish they were mine too! The photo's now my desktop background.

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