Wool Addiction Wins Me Over

When you buy wool from Wool Addiction it comes like this, all wrapped up like a present. All wrapped up like THREE presents. One of these presents I didn't even order. It was a surprise. A bonus. Free.

Wrapped up in this parcel is the affinity the Woolly Woman at WA have with us. They are on the same wave length, in tune with, in the groove with. They get it. They understand man.

Well of course they do. What am I rabbiting on about. They wouldn't be doing what they do if they weren't.

Anyway thanks Jill and Sheila for all your patience and help. It must have felt like a week's work helping me decide what I wanted.

And look how they came. Gees that was a treat to open up.


grrl+dog said…

mmmmmm.. noro...

love their new colors, and it is is hard to choose over the internet. Sounds like these women have patience.
Jacqui said…
the two balls in the bottom right hand corner look delicious. What will they be????
Monika said…
I just opened a box of Noro Kureyon myself. It was NOT wrapped as lovely as yours! They used a simple platic bag, should I send it back? ;o)
Hamlet & Co said…
As you know L, Corinne at Thicket has already won me over for her personalised service and beautiful wrapping ...

But I guess it's high time I checked out this Wool Addiction mob.

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