Train Knitting

Hey Kooka! Watcha doing boy!

Anyone knit on the train?

I knit on the train. The train trip from my town to the big city where I work is a LERNG one. Longer than travelling by car.

But I get to KNIT. And talk to people who wonder at me knitting, and say so, pontificating on how few people knit THESE DAYS. I just want to shoo them on over here to blogland.

Are we a secret society of blogging knitters? Or have they just not been paying attention.

And knitting SOCKS! "My mother used to knit socks for the soldiers during the war." Dear dear!

There is nothing for it but to rally knitters everywhere to catch the train - and KNIT.

Red lacey socks.

And tea cosies of course.

Post Script: The National Gallery of Australia SHOP display is now UP! It went up last Friday. Sorry sorry sorry to those who were bumstered there too early. But ruley truly - it is there now.


planettreasures said…
Mighty fine socks!
Lady P said…
I knit everywhere-as I post this comment I am knitting a bluberry cupcake hat at the bowling alley.I love to fly and have an entire plan trip to me and my needles! When I began to knit over 20 years ago-all and sundry said I was too "young" to be knitting-poor souls!
grrl+dog said…
He looks like a baby.. we had a pair that used to eyeball with such intensity you were FORCED outof your chair to give them mince meat... much to my hound's disgust.
Anonymous said…
I knit most places and get the same comments - and even more when I use circular needles as it seems the majority of Oz has never seen them before - now what is that about?? I am currently drooling over and thinking of investing in Denise circular needles.

We have to get knitting out there & seen!!


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