REALLY Wild Tea Cosies

Signed, sealed and delivered - a brand new contract with a brand new publisher for a brand new book called... guessed it

REALLY Wild Tea Cosies Oh OK it's probably a working title but oi loike it.

Gees! I wouldn't mind a bottle of French bubbly EVERY time I started a new job!

I love you Murdoch Books.

You don't think I'm too easily pleased do you?


boogirl said…
Easily pleased or deserve all the French bubbly your new publisher is willing to supply - erm...looks like it was just the ONE bottle then...

Well done you! Better ask J to pop down the bottle shop ;)
Hamlet & Co said…
Ooh la la!
Looks like this new publisher's a keeper.
Taphophile said…
Such fabulous news - congratulations!
Jacqui said…
grrl+dog said…
even wilder???

Cant wait!
Luvvie said…
Bloody Norah - suddenly I want to be a writer like.....and get off the Coolabah cask. Well done Luvvie!
Monika said…
Congratulations!!! :o)

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