It's a Wrap

That's it! It's a wrap. Cosies all present and correct.

Off to the National Gallery of Australia SHOP.

Just a few additional accoutrements to prepare.

Like mother like daughter.

My lovely clever niece, Akari, and her lovely clever mum, Junko.

Go Party Girls.


boogirl said…
Would you look at party girl in disguise...she looks fab. Must try a multi-coloured version one day.
Jacqui said…
oo this one is my favourite! Sorry you are a bit wet up there - I swear I didn't wish it on you, I was just getting my geography all mixed up! (promise :)
Luvvie said…
Have you been to Canberra then? I mean since 150 years ago when you were with the QYO?
grrl+dog said…
Hey Loani,

I just KNEW your blog owuld be as fun and downto earth as you are...
So glad I found you.

I have been invited to tag along for the NAtional gallery soft sculpture show as Magda Sayek is also coming and I must worship at her bag of wooly vipers.

I do hope we meet, as the ballot for your class at the fibre artisit's retreat may be totally booked out.


Hamlet & Co said…
The knitting, and the photographs, just keep getting better, and better, and better .....

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